Only Spending US$ 9.99, Your Pictures will be More Attractive

Selfie Stick

Have you got the secret of easily taking attractive selfies or panorama view? To be true, Remax Classic Selfie Stick is one of the miraculous tools to give you a better shooting. Yeah, don’t need to take a sceptical attitude, for this stick is indeed a cost-effective and practical tool. Remax Classic Selfie Stick

With the material of stainless steel, Remax Classic Selfie Stick definitely ensures to be durable and long life. Also, to save the trouble of connecting Bluetooth, it is designed with wired connection to make your operation faster and more convenient. Coming with three kinds of gorgeous colors, black, blue and pink included, you can be easy to choose the one you prefer.

Likewise, Remax Selfie Stick can hold the near selfie as well as the far scene, because it has a great flexibility that can be stretched from 25cm to 100cm. Meanwhile, it carried the groove holder design for the mobile phone, which is aimed at preventing the phone from falling while you are taking photos. And only one shutter is provided to achieve to shoot, very flexible and easy to operate.

Last but not least, Remax Selfie Stick is able to freely adjust the rotation more than 180 degree, as a result, it can easily capture your beauty from more different angles. What’s more, having a strong compatibility, the stick is fully suitable for Android and IOS phone. And what should be noticed is that the stick can directly use after setting shutter by volume button. If your phone doesn’t support this function, you have to install “Camera360” in advance.Remax Classic Selfie Stick

To be honest, especially with Remax Selfie Stick Price of only US$ 9.99, the stick is of course worth using. Just take it home soon and enjoy the fun of easily taking more attractive and natural picture

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