How To Choose The Correct iPhone 6/6s Plus Protective Case?

iPhone 6 Plus&6s plus, iPhone 6&6s

Presumably, you are having a good time with the latest iPhone 6s or 6s plus so far, coming up, choosing a protective case for the phone will bound to be your next move. However, as the “S” series flagship, there is nothing different between new series and former generation, particularly appearance, so, is it necessary to buy a new protective case? If so, how? Let me share with you 4 tips below.
iPhone 6/6s Plus Soft TPU Case
1. Most iPhone 6/6+ case is compatible with 6s/6s+

Undoubtedly, there is no huge change between iPhone 6s/6s+ and last generation in the aspect of size, only a little heavier, so, most iPhone 6/6+ case is compatible with 6s/6s+, iPhone 6/6s Plus Soft TPU Case, for example. Of course, it might be a bit tight for 6s/6s+, but those waterproof case like Lifeproof and other enclosed case are no longer useful.

2. With film protector, 3D Touch is still useful

One of the most important upgrade on iPhone 6s/6s+ must be 3D Touch display screen, which allows more accesses and controls according to different pressing pressure on the screen. After a few tests, 3D Touch function is fully available even though sticking a film protector on the phone.
iPhone 6/6s Plus Soft TPU Case
3. Ultra-thin, rim-less case is advantageous for 3D Touch

3D Touch achieves more functionalities, you can open application list on the background by pressing left or right of the screen hardly and slide, so, unlike iPhone 6/6s Plus Soft TPU Case, which has a thin and precise edge, those thick and wrapping-style protective case might influence this feature.
iPhone 6/6s Plus Soft TPU Case
4. Choose the case with solid angle

Screen of iPhone 6s/6s+ remains fragile, apart from choosing tempered film protector, protective case with solid angle rather than smooth angle will be your top choice, it can effectively absorb impact or energy during falling, reducing the possibility of broken screen.

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