Pineng 20000mAH Power Bank Comes with Dual USB Port and LCD Digital Display

Power Bank

Are you aware of Pineng 20000mAH Power Bank? If the answer is not, you are out of fashion. This is a high-performance power bank featuring ultra-large capacity, stylish looking and convenient use. Are you interested in it? Let’s get more useful information at once!
Pineng 20000mAH Power Bank
I bet that if you bring Pineng 20000mAH Power Bank outside, you would be the focus in the crowd because of the eye-catching and stylish looking. White& gray, black& red, two combination models are offered to opt for. Also, the super large capacity must be the biggest selling point for the power bank strongly has 20000mAh capacity, which completely supports the standby time of more than 5000 hours.

Paying more attention to environmental friendliness and economic efficiency, Power Bank Pineng 20000mAH is designed with dual USB outputs to simultaneously charge two devices, respectively 1A and 2.1A,  which is convenient, high efficient and time-saving. Meanwhile, the power bank carries super intelligence LCD display with blue backlight that can clearly show the actual capacity and terminal status.
Pineng 20000mAH Power Bank
What will let you more rest assured is that Power Bank Pineng 20000mAH utilized Intelligent Identification, hence, to automatically identify and charge to the digital product you connect. With the certificate of conformity, users is sure to get reliable and safe charging. Besides, the power bank offers an LED flashlight for lighting function, therefore, you are unnecessary to be afraid of the darkness, which makes itself more practical.

Without any doubt, this power bank is outstanding, efficient and safe, fully meeting the standard of the good power bank. With the attractive Pineng 20000mAH Power Bank Price offered at US$ 27.99 now, I really think that you can take a try.

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