5 Features Help borofone m2 speaker Make an Achievement


We all know that a product having unique and different selling point must be attractive and easier to succeed. Let’s take borofone m2 speaker as an instance. That is a superb speaker coming with 5 appealing characteristics, not only achieving itself, but also bringing an enjoyable and happy life.
borofone m2 speaker
Extraordinary appearance& High quality
Having four gorgeous different colors, including gray, red, yellow, blue, and the unique rectangle shape, borofone m2 speaker of course helps you create the energetic and outgoing impression, making you different from others. Besides, made of silica and metal mesh shell and designed with anti-falling dust-proof feature, the speaker would always be new and durable.
borofone m2 speaker
Wonderful tone quality
As a professional speaker, borofone m2 adopted surrounded stereo sound, dual sound channel design and separate Class-G chip processor, letting you completely get into the wonderful music world. Meanwhile, double large magnetic flux trumpet and super low vibration film are both utilized to support you a clear, powerful and smooth voice with less noise.

Great practicality& Long life
borofone m2 speaker is a wireless product using Bluetooth 4.0 connection technology, therefore, it not only can be perfectly suitable for any voice devices, but also will bring convenient and free experience to users. With NFC near field communications, the speaker can quickly get intelligent connection, and One-key to answer is also more than easy.
borofone m2 speaker
In addition, the built-in 1200mAh rechargeable battery with intelligent power saving design is supported to maintain more than 7 hours of continuous playback time. But the specific use of time will differ from the songs and the volume.
borofone m2 speaker
To be brief, borofone m2 is a stunning speak, along with 5 charming features. If its weight and size could be optimized, that speaker, I believe, would be more successful. Anyway, it still is a good choice and better than many other competitors.

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