Besides BlitzWolf, Remax Selfie Stick Is Just Right For The Part


For people who owned and experienced a great time with BlitzWolf selfie stick, perhaps Remax Selfie Stick is no more than just a spare option, like many others, but even so, it is still just right for the part if you fancy an ideal selfie stick.
Remax Selfie Stick
It is cost-effective

$9.99 for a selfie stick, particularly this Remax Classic Selfie Stick won’t be the cheapest but at least it won’t break your bank either. As a deciding factor, undoubtedly such a tempting cost will bound to capture your attention, influencing your final choice.
Remax Selfie Stick
It is simple

Probably simplicity is the only feature to boast of. First and foremost, it comes with a very simple structure indeed. Just one phone holder, one wire for connection and one shutter button, which is way simpler than Blitzwolf, sometimes the simplest defines the best.

Exactly as this simple structure, it is simple to take fully advantage of. Simply just insert your phone into the holder, plug wire into properly, adjust the angle you want and press shutter button, a selfie will be done in a blink, looking fast and efficient.
Remax Selfie Stick
It is compatible

Essentially, Remax Selfie Stick is compatible with mainstream Android and IOS smartphone, providing user with more possibilities. Meanwhile, the longest length of the stick is up to 100cm, which is 7 cm longer than the BlitzWolf, in other words, wider angle and better view will be with you as you wish. Mind you, don’t forget about a 180 degree rotation!

In short, there is no suspense that this selfie stick from Remax can hardly be a threat to BlitzWolf, but in the light of $9.99, the best Remax Selfie Stick Price and combined with features above, it is a decent choice to be fair.

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