Yoobao YB-M20 20000mAh Power Bank: Once Trying, Never Wanna Change

Power Bank

Trying something, and finding it not good, so you have to continuously change, which is surely troublesome and kills the will. To recover your confidence towards power bank, bravely trying Yoobao YB-M20 20000mAh Power Bank becomes a necessity, because it is a powerful product that once you try, you won’t wanna change.
Yoobao YB-M20  Power Bank
One is worth noticing is that Yoobao YB-M20 Power Bank comes with ultra-large capacity of 20000mAh, which is able to recharge iPhone 5 up to 10 times. Better still, it is designed with dual USB outputs, respectively 2A and 1A, completely supporting you to charge two devices at the same time. And it perfectly fits iPhone, iPad, Samsung, Nokia, HTC, Blackberry etc, showing great compatibility and practicality.
 Yoobao YB-M20 20000mAh Power Bank
Equally remarkable, Yoobao YB-M20 20000mAh Power Bank not only is made of ABS+ PC, but also utilizes Li-ion battery cell, ensuring to provide excellent quality. Meanwhile, this product has obtained CE, RoHS and FC Certificate, and adopted 9-way protection, definitely letting you have a secure and worry-free using experience.

Most importantly, Yoobao YB-M20 Power Bank 20000mAh supports stable charging performance due to the built-in intelligent IC system. Besides, you can get a fast and efficient charging for the improvement of 100% up charging rate and 95% highest plate and conversion rate. More considerately, the power bank comes with four indicators to inform of the current capacity, and 25% at each one. As well, LED Torch with 1000 lasting hours is offered to light up the forward darkness.
Yoobao YB-M20  Power Bank
Have you seen the power and huge advantage of Yoobao YB-M20 20000mAh Power Bank? Without any doubt, it can satisfy all what you require, for the super large capacity, secure assurance, efficient and fast charging, great convenience bringing to daily life. Just bravely try once, and you don’t need to change anymore.

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