Top Secret! How To Use BlitzWolf Selfie Stick Correctly?


Mention about BlitzWolf Selfie Stick, one of the best-selling hot stuff in the pasting Banggood Anniversary Sale, definitely is the byword for perfection. Therefore, we have enough reasons to share with you how to use it correctly!

How to pair?

1. Down the shutter APP from Google app store or Google play store and install.
2. After installation finished, switch on your Bluetooth function of your phone.
3. On your BlitzWolf Selfie Stick, simply just switch on the device
4. Find “BT shutter” on your phone and pair.

There are three main buttons on the selfie stick, so, once it is paired:

1. To take a picture, simply just press shutter button.
2. To zoom, press minus and plus button until you’ve got the perfect angle.
3. Switch button is very useful. You can choose switching between front and rear camera on the phone, or just switch it by pressing switch button on the selfie stick.

Into the app

1. There are a few shooting modes in the app. You can take normal shot, of course, by pressing switch button on the stick.
2. Record a shot video or something like that.
3. Take continue shot, which is useful when capture some sporty moment, like a running puppy.

After taking the picture

1. You can directly edit the picture you take with different mode or something characteristic.
2. Share the picture directly on social media on your phone like Facebook, Twitter or Instagram.

In short, check the video above for more information, or simply just refer to for more advice. Hopefully you will enjoy BlitzWolf Selfie Stick?and the aforementioned video.

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