REMAX RB-TT CSR Bluetooth Headset: To Listen To True Voice

Headphone & Earphone

Once wearing, you deserve the better headset that can not only bring you natural voice, but also well protect your ears. So what about REMAX RB-TT CSR Bluetooth Headset? It can simultaneously satisfy the above two requirements, leading you into a wonderful world.
REMAX RB-TT CSR Bluetooth Headset
One of the superb features is that REMAX RB-TT CSR Bluetooth Headset comes with Medical grade silicone ear risk, hence, even wearing it for long time, you won’t feel any discomfort. Meanwhile, made by ultra-light aluminum alloy, 32 cutting and polishing process, anodized, wear corrosion, the headset is portable to take any places you want, and rather durable, surely lasting for years.
REMAX RB-TT CSR Bluetooth Headset
What is also fabulous is that REMAX RB-TT CSR Bluetooth Headset carefully selected British original CSR Bluetooth chip, supporting Bluetooth 4.0 with 10m effective distance, so that you can enjoy using it without any constraint. Moreover, the Bluetooth 4.0 is more efficient and energy saving than Bluetooth 3.0, it can maintain the standby time for about 6-10 days , and the continuous work for 7 hours.

When it comes to the sound quality, REMAX RB-TT CSR Bluetooth Headset is designed with an ideal height to restore the true voice. Better still, carrying HD Microphone and Intelligent dual-microphone noise reduction, the headset will make you far away from the hustle and bustle, just to listen to pure voice when you enjoy music or make a phone call. More conveniently, the headset has great compatibility and it can connect two Bluetooth phone at the same time.
REMAX RB-TT CSR Bluetooth Headset
In short, REMAX RB-TT CSR Bluetooth Headset is indeed great and practical, making a clear phone call or listening to pure music are more than easy and convenient. So if you want an excellent headset, this one would be the optimal choice.

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