Yoobao 16000mAh Power Bank Vs Xiaomi 16000mAh Power Bank

Power Bank

Since Yoobao YB-M16 16000mAh Power Bank released officially last week, creating huge impact to the market, people keep asking which one is better between Yoobao and Xiaomi 16000mAh Power Bank, without further delay, let’s find out!
Yoobao 16000mAh Power Bank
Although beauty is only skin deep, however, an aesthetic exterior helps creating a successful power bank. Yoobao 16000mAh Power Bank has a design can’t be more simpler, just box shape, jade white coating and decent thickness. Contrarily, the one from Xiaomi is processed through ergonomic design, smooth edging and anodized coating. Which one is better do you think?
Yoobao 16000mAh Power Bank
Conversion rate, 95% vs 93%
Yoobao YB-M16 has a 95% conversion rate, along with 11% output enhancement and 100 time more charge cycles. Xiaomi 16000mAh Power Bank provides user with 93% conversion rate, 10% output enhancement and same 100 more charge cycles. On paper, seems that Yoobao is taking the lead.
Yoobao 16000mAh Power Bank
Yoobao 16000mAh Power Bank is protected by intelligent IC management, giving different phase of charging according to different device and 9-way protections like charge/discharge protection just like a custom power bank for you. Meanwhile, the one from Xiaomi adopts high-quality chipset imported from Texas, US, giving 9-protections away as well as enhancing conversion rate substantially.

In the aspect of structure, both of them has an exactly the same design, including one micro USB input port, two USB output port (one normal and one fast), power switch button, LED indicators.
Yoobao 16000mAh Power Bank
We will complete this part as the sample Yoobao 16000mAh Power Bank is still on the way to us, but on paper, it is able to charge iPhone 6 five times, iPhone 5 six times. On the contrary, Xiaomi 16000mAh can provide user with 10000mAh actual output capacity, which is able to charge iPhone 6 five times, charge iPad mini 2.5 times and Xiaomi Mi4 4 times.

Yoobao YB-M16 takes the lead thanks to a $21.99 retail price, by contrast, $29.99 for Xiaomi 16000mAh Power Bank is a bit expensive. However, which one has higher cost performance? Still, we can’t give a word until making use of YB-M16 thoroughly.

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