5 Questions You Might Come Up With About YOOBAO 10200MAH

Power Bank

Seems that the rising manufacturer YOOBAO is using an identical strategy as Xiaomi once did, a new YOOBAO 10200mAh Power Bank is now released subsequent to 16000mAh edition. If I was right, here are 5 questions you might come up with when having a glimpse for the first time.
YOOBAO 10200mAh Power Bank
Is it a Xiaomi replicate?
At one glance, it is Xiaomi similar but technically, it isn’t. YOOBAO YB-6013Pro 10200mAh Power Bank uses same smooth edging, silver coating and anodized process, however, ultra-thin fuselage has been discarded while a flashlight is added. In short, it is sort of distinctive.
YOOBAO 10200mAh Power Bank
How compatible can it be?
Like Xiaomi and other power bank, YOOBAO Magic YB-6013 Pro is fully compatible with mainstream smartphone like iPhone, Android smartphone, tablet, music player and other digital device.
YOOBAO 10200mAh Power Bank
Can it fill up iPhone 5 for 6 times?
Impossible! Even Xiaomi power bank with 93% conversion rate can’t achieve charging iPhone 5 up to six times, theoretically, it is just a figure from lab under some specific circumstances. If conversion rate will up to 85% and above, perhaps three times maybe four is accessible.
YOOBAO 10200mAh Power Bank
Is it safe?
According to specification of YOOBAO 10200MAH, it is certificated by CE, RoHS and FC, but we still are working on what kind of chipset and how many layer of protection will it comes with. However, in the light of high-quality metal fuselage, standard 5V DC input, 5V/1A and 5V/2A output, yes, it is safe to take advantage of.

Is it a good choice?
We can’t give a word so far before we make a teardown and finish various of test. However, there is on thing we can for sure, cost performance will bound to be higher if pricing could be lower.

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