$50 For Zeblaze Rover Smartwatch, Super Deal?

Smart Watch

In all fairness, cost-effective smart watch is already “abundant” among the market, not to mention the one pricing $50. Here comes another one, Zeblaze Rover Smartwatch, which titled “the thinnest smart watch”, but besides this, what makes it stick out from the rest?
Zeblaze Rover Smartwatch
8.8mm thickness

Apple Watch similar design, square dial, alloy mid-frame, matte coating, even the alleged special leather strap, we all are well-familiar with these, except for thinnest 8.8mm fuselage.

To be endowed with ultra-thin design, logically, weight has been shrunken by a wide margin. Combined with latest technology and crafty, it gives lighter and more comfortable wearing experience.
Zeblaze Rover Smartwatch
IP65 Water resistance

Besides long standby time, waterproof design is not so much practical as an essential part. With decent water resistance, splash, drizzling or even hand wash will seldom be a problem.
Zeblaze Rover Smartwatch
Highlighted features

What makes this brand new watch more sophisticated can’t be separated with zeblaze rover mtk2501, the center processing unit which guaranteed accurate detection, smooth UI and fully capable performance.

Meanwhile, instead of normal glass, which is fragile, Zeblaze Rover Smartwatch has particularly replaced it by tempered OGS, balancing hardness without losing decent display effect.
Zeblaze Rover Smartwatch
Basic specs

1. Pedometer. Track daily exercise date like distance, step, calorie consumption.
2. Sleep monitor.
3. Sedentary reminder. Remind you of taking a rest.
4. Altimeter, thermometer, barometer. Designed for outdoor activity
5. Call reminder and clock.
6. Music player. Support both music play and voice recording.

Taken as a whole, $50 looks tempting while features above looks pretty nice on paper, but in my kind of personal view, review and only Zeblaze Rover Smartwatch Review makes sense to us.

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