QCY QQ300 Mini Speaker, Smallest Speaker Ever


People just can’t cease admiring such a small design coming from QCY QQ300 Mini Speaker, but in my kind of personal view, tiny size is just part of its specials, by contrast, practical functions it carried makes it the most cost-effective.
QCY QQ300 Mini Speaker
It is not so much small as portable thanks to this design, which makes it stick out from other speaker naturally. You can easily place it properly in your trousers, pock of cross-bag, backpack or even attach it to your hand wherever you go with the help of portable lanyard. It isn’t simply small but small for better practicability.
QCY QQ300 Mini Speaker
As a speaker
QCY QQ300 Mini Bluetooth Speaker is small but it has all the vital organs, 300mAh is low but enough to offer 4-5 hours music time. Simply just build up connection to a phone via Bluetooth, of course, song switch, play and pause can be done by controlling physical buttons on surface.
QCY QQ300 Mini Speaker
As camera remote control
Based on Bluetooth connection, you still can consider it as camera remote control. The button with camera icon is designed below power button, just press it once, selfie, group selfie can be committed easily as you wish.
QCY QQ300 Mini Speaker
TF card player
Meanwhile, not all Bluetooth speaker among the market comes with TF card adapter apart from QCY QQ300 Mini Speaker. By inserting a TF card properly can you play the music it carried conveniently, you seldom have to transfer music files to the phone complicatedly.
QCY QQ300 Mini Speaker
Of course, you can’t ask anything further for a $13.79, portable, multi-function speaker, even so, 360 degree stereo sound stage and 32mm magnet unit restore sound gives away decent audio experience, sounds not bad on paper!

Overall, if you barely require a speaker for professional audio experience, why not giving it a go?

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