FM Transmitter Car Charger Holder, The Practical Trinity

Stand & Holders

Not all smartphone accessories for car use have to be aesthetic, intelligent, streamlined or exclusive, for me, practicability is still the priority among priorities, for that reason, I strongly recommend FM Transmitter Car Charger Holder if you are looking for something multi-functional.
FM Transmitter Car Charger Holder
As a charger
Undoubtedly, charging their smartphone is still what people ask for the most, as smartphone screen getting increasingly larger, charging should be accessible even though you drive. To be endowed with standard USB 2.0 output and necessary short-circuit protection, charging happens whenever you want, you don’t even have to be haunted with anything by the way.
FM Transmitter Car Charger Holder
As a holder
Unlike normal windscreen smartphone holder, which will block safe driving vision by any means, FM Transmitter Holder develops a holder in a safer way. The gap between gear shifter and car air conditioning is just perfect for you to access to hands-free call, road guidance, song switch and any controls of the phone, how ergonomic it is!FM Transmitter Car Charger Holder

As a transmitter
As a transmitter, FM channel can be adjusted easily by pressing up and down button on the surface. Besides, it comes with LCD display so that you can keep an eye on it conveniently. It is fully compatible with both iPhone, iPod, MP3 player and satellite navigator as transmitter, you will find it simple to take advantage of and free to experience road guidance service, music, Hi-Fi stereo as you wish.FM Transmitter Car Charger Holder

Taken as a whole, if you find FM Transmitter Car Charger Holder nothing useful, at least $14.99 won’t break your bank, otherwise, such a high cost performance will bound to make you sit up and take notice.

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