What Can You Benefit From Wrist Belt Leather Case iPad Air 2?

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Seems that we can’t expect anything further from a tiny protective case apart from basic protections, however, that’s one-sided, Wrist Belt Leather Case iPad Air 2 never “agrees” with it.
Wrist Belt Leather Case iPad Air 2
Basic protection
As priority among priorities, high quality PU + PC material is the key to decent protections. High density texture keeps the tablet away from shock, dust and rough compact, while soft PU protects the fragile section– screen safe and complete.

Of course, all around protection can’t be separated details. Thanks to magnet absorption and micro fiber interior, Wrist Belt Leather Case iPad Air 2 can easily generate resistance against abrasion and scratches.

Optimum reading angle
With the help of three firm stands to be embedded inside the flip cover, you can easily fold and generate the optimum incline during reading, video watching or game playing.
Wrist Belt Leather Case iPad Air 2
The unique handheld safety belt is small but the significance is gigantic. It totally solve the question that iPad Air 2 can’t be handle by one hand. Better still, it increase safety factor and reduce risk factor when you hold it properly through the belt.

On the other hand, try picturing the view that holding the screen by one hand and analyze the data by the other without being haunted with its safety, how efficient it is at work! Even putting it upside down is question-less.

Auto standby and sleep mode

Along with magnetic induction zone, the screen will automatically wake up or sleep everything when you open the flip cover or close it.
Wrist Belt Leather Case iPad Air 2
Precise hollow
Wrist Belt Leather Case iPad Air 2 brings protection from inside out, but that doesn’t mean accessible buttons will be compromised, alternatively, those precise holes and accurate cut out make every single button even volume adjustment approachable, does it sound magical?

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