E06 Smart Bracelet, The Miband Successor?

Smart Bracelet

Believe it or not, the new E06 Smart Bracelet will bound to remind you of Xiaomi Miband no matter in what kind of angle are you looking at, how similar they are! However, the question remaining is: is it outperform than Xiaomi’s legend?
E06 Smart Bracelet

If don’t know if I’m too suspicious wondering E06 Smart Band a copycat, but seems that its design has been inspired greatly by Miband. Similar buckle, flexible strap, elliptical tracker, detachable design, these are the key to high similarity, but it looks prim and proper to be fair.
E06 Smart Bracelet

Probably because of touch screen and key button, E06 Bracelet comes with second to the highest 5 level dust resistance but along with premier 8 level waterproof capacity, which means it is free to against 2 meters water immersion for 30 minutes.
E06 Smart Bracelet
Touch screen

Undoubtedly, E06 Wristband takes the lead by this special even though it no more than just 0.69-inch 96*16 dot metric OLED touch screen. With the help of it, checking notification of incoming call, message, alarm, workout progress and other information will be way more convenient.
E06 Smart Bracelet
Smart key

As another special, the adoption of smart key that designed next to OLED screen makes controls easier. Camera shutter, video shutter and anti-lost function can be done by one simple press.
E06 Smart Bracelet
Basic functions

Like the most cost-effective intelligent wearable device–Miband, E06 Wristband naturally is a tracker for all day activity like step counting and distance. Likewise, it is also a sleep monitor keeping an eye on sleeping circuit and sleeping time tightly. You still can consider it as workout partner as well.

In short, E06 bracelet acts so similar to Miband that we can’t make a difference on paper, but is it as good as Xiaomi? We can’t give a word until giving it a go. We will get back to you with E06 Smart Bracelet Review later on.

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