Pisen Kicks Off LCD Power Station 7500mAH

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Yes, you are hearing right! Pisen has recently released their latest LCD Power Station 7500mAH with a preorder price of $32.99. Instead of the price itself, surely you must wondering why using such a special word “power station” rather than power bank, keep reading for further knowledge.
PISEN LCD Power Station 7500mAH
What’s the difference between power bank and power station? Technically, nothing dissimilar, but only almighty replacement battery deserve the halo of power station, which takes the lead in most aspects, like the main character we talk about today.
PISEN LCD Power Station 7500mAH
7500mAh looks way lower than almost every single premium power bank we can find out on the market, but over 90% conversion rate makes it more than enough to charge iPhone 6 three maybe four times fully.
PISEN LCD Power Station 7500mAH
Alongside decent conversion rate, PISEN LCD Power Station 7500mAH shows off comprehensiveness thoroughly. Dual output ports (1A and 2.4A) are embedded properly inside, couple that to micro USB input, you can charge two different device in different charging mode simultaneously.
PISEN LCD Power Station 7500mAH
As priority among priorities, this power station will never been compromised, alternatively, it comes with not one or two but 7 protections including over-charge, over-current protection and even temperature protection.
PISEN LCD Power Station 7500mAH
Meanwhile, as special, physical power switch button is equipped with, which not all the power bank comes with, in other words, you can take advantage of battery capacity more economically. Besides, don’t underestimate LCD display as you can make out charging condition and remaining battery directly, how convenient!
PISEN LCD Power Station 7500mAH
Of course, LCD Power Station 7500mAH has nothing aesthetic to be contented with but an authentic power station shows everything professional on providing user with optimum charging service, right?

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PISEN LCD Power Station 7500mAH
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