Doogee Releases Doogee Vienna Earphone

Headphone & Earphone

Doogee is now expanding their business scale to those tiny smartphone gadgets, they start with a brand new handset– Doogee Vienna Earphone. People can’t cease making jokes, earphone is coming, will power bank or charger be far behind?
Doogee Vienna Earphone
As a matter of fact, Doogee isn’t the only Chinese smartphone vendor expanding their business even though it has a long line for new phones this year. As it is known to us, Meizu has their new power bank, so does OnePlus and Asus, not to mention the all around Xiaomi.

Nevertheless, going back to the theme today, Doogee Vienna In-ear Earphone has already made us sit up and take notice by extraordinary design. Taking a closer look at earpad, dual layer structure (black cover in plastic and dazzling red interior), in-ear earmuff, ergonomic design, it doesn’t look like a creation from rookie on this line.
Doogee Vienna Earphone
Meanwhile, instead of lean and flat cable, Doogee insist on typical earphone cable that made of durable texture. Couple that to integrated mic and physical control, I reckon we all can consider it as qualified handset on paper.

Tearing the coverage down, you will find out a prim and proper specification. Doogee Vienna Earphone is restricted to -44dB decibel, 2.5V standard voltage, 16Ω impedance and less than 3% distortion rate, which are the key to lovely audio experience.
Doogee Vienna Earphone
Of course, we can’t see anything amateur or obvious flaw on paper even though it really is Doogee’s first ever earphone to be released. So far, it is preorder for just $13.99, and the first batch of earphone will come very soon.

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