Syllable G600 Bluetooth Headphone, Wise Choice of Colorful Headphone

Headphone & Earphone

Headphone has become more and more important in our daily life on the ground that when watching movies, listening music or chatting on line, we all need it. Today, I would like to recommend Syllable G600 Bluetooth Headphone, which has good tone quality as well as charming appearance.
Syllable G600 Headphone
To begin with, Syllable G600 Headphone is convenient to carry outsides, and made by plastic, bringing a comfortable and relaxing wearing. In addition, five charming colors are provided to give you more choices, including white, black, yellow, blue and red, fully revealing that you are young and fashionable.

Secondly, Syllable G600 Wireless Headphone especially adopts Bluetooth 4.0 wireless technology to achieve high-fidelity stereo, letting you seem to enjoy the wonderful music in the concert. Although you use it to see films or chat with others, the sound would also be clear with lowest noisy. Better still, it is fully suitable for Bluetooth 3.0 and Bluetooth 2.0.
Syllable G600 Headphone
Thirdly, with the 10M transmission distance provided, Syllable G600 Bluetooth Headphone can perfectly connect with iPod, iPhone or Samsung Galaxy’s and any other devices that have Bluetooth capability. And it both has wired and wireless design, considerately satisfying different needs.
Syllable G600 Headphone
To make a simple summary, Syllable G600 Wireless Headphone is really an ideal one, not only having superb tone quality, but also coming with attractive looking and great portability. What are you waiting for? Just wisely take it home soon.

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