CPH15 Charger Holder: Three Devices, One Satisfaction

Stand & Holders

Seems that old school device holder, tiny and plastic smartphone holder, for example, can hardly be the one to contented with due to simplex function, what’s worse, neither of them looks as good as you desire for, hence,that’s why the successor CPH15 Charger Holder is needed.
CPH15 Charger Holder
Aluminum and silica

That’s right, CPH15 Bracket Charger Holder looks way bigger and can hardly be called as compact, whereas, aluminum replenishes aesthetic exterior outside and gives better durability. Better still, it offers strong stability and shock resistance when being applied to large screen device like tablet. Just simple but succinct.
CPH15 Charger Holder
For Apple Watch

The square incline on the top that made of anti-slippery silica is designed for Apple Watch exclusively, you can insert the watch from one side and put it properly on the plane without being haunted with falling. A round hollow in the center is reserved for wireless charger, how smart!
CPH15 Charger Holder
For smartphone

Not just iPhone but any other smartphone is fully compatible. The holder on the bottom and special slot helps holding the phone steadily and generating optimum reading angle for reading, video watching and so on, even developing a small monitor in the office is effort-less.
CPH15 Charger Holder
For big-screen device

Even though iPad mini will find it awkward to be applied to those plastic holder, which is unstable and weak, alternatively, CHP15 will be the perfect successor by giving alloy slot, big holder and third holding spot, an entire tablet will be stabilized tightly, while ideal reading angle will be with your as always, how convenient!

Seriously, CPH15 Bracket Charger Holder can be used appropriately both indoor and outdoor, giving the best holding service whenever you want, no wonder it is well worthy the cost.

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