Use NILLKIN Magic Disk Wireless Charger to Breathe Free Air


Are you still using something wired without any freedom? It is 21st century now, everything is rapidly developing, everyone is in pursuit of a concise and comfortable life, enjoying the absolute liberty, why are you still willing to be tied? In my view, only when you use NILLKIN Magic Disk Wireless Charger can you experience what the free air is!
NILLKIN Magic Disk Wireless Charger
As is stated, NILLKIN Magic Disk Wireless Charger features the wireless design, getting rid of the use of cable lines, not only saving more unnecessary troubles, but also releasing invisible power. Besides, with the cute round shape, lighter weight of 75g, 10.4mm thickness but huge power, the charger is pretty handy to take everywhere. Also, the magic ring charge indicator is uniquely designed as second-generation transparent appearance, supporting smart tips for charging and circling light to make you clearly know the power status.
NILLKIN Magic Disk Wireless Charger
Coming with PMMA transparent housing that has passed the hardening treatment, NILLKIN Magic Disk Wireless Charger is effective to avoid any scratches. At the same time, the charging area has updated non-slip design and increased friction, making the charging devices stable and safe. What’s more, the latest WPC Qi standard FOD first weight function is able to recognize metal objects in intelligent way, therefore, this charger would protect the system from overheating or overloading.
NILLKIN Magic Disk Wireless Charger
Most importantly, the conversion rate of NILLKIN Magic Disk Wireless Charger is up to 70%, and with the features of ultra-low power consumption, high efficiency and low radiation, a quick and free charging is easy to achieve. And the maximum transmission distance is up to 6mm. What needs mentioning is that this charger can be perfectly compatible with all Qi standard mobile digital devices, bringing more convenience to the daily use.
NILLKIN Magic Disk Wireless ChargerNILLKIN Magic Disk Wireless Charger
In the wireless era, we should use something wireless to keep in step with the times and say goodbye to wired products. If wanting to breathe the free air, just firstly start form changing your wired charger. And some NILLKIN Magic Disk Wireless Charger will be released soon.

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