What Are Numbers Of LD Micro 32GB Card Stands For?

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A tiny little micro SD card is small but choosing the right one is always a big deal. Superficially, they all look the same, which means we have to make a difference by distinguishing numbers to be marked on its surface, but the question remaining is: what do they mean? Let’s start from a normal LD Micro 32GB Card.
LD 32GB Class 10 Micro SD TF Micro SD Card For Mobile Phone

The abbreviation of High Capacity SD Memory Card, it is the latest SD 2.0 specification that standardized by official SD association, meaning capacity above 2GB but smaller or equal to 32GB micro SD card.

Those SD card without “SDHC” mark may trouble in compatibility issue between devices, conversely, it is the byword for rigorous standard and full compatibility.

Number “10”

As you can make out roman numeral “10” in a small round next to 32GB capacity mark on LD 32GB Micro Card, it represent for Class of SDHC, surely, Class 10 is second to the best level. It is fully able to satisfy the need of high speed and high efficiency data transmission, up to 10MB per second.
LD 32GB Class 10 Micro SD TF Micro SD Card For Mobile Phone

Everyone knows it is the figure of available capacity, but under normal circumstance, not full 32GB capacity is available. Meanwhile, it is a misunderstand that the larger capacity it comes, the faster speed it is, it is all up to read speed and the device you are using.

Numbers on the rear

Simply just turn it over, the word “make in Taiwan” stands for country of origin, while the numbers above is sequence figure, you can spot fake or original by this important issue. Of course, keep an eye on the number itself as inferior product comes with painted process.

Nevertheless, it doesn’t mean LD Micro 32GB Card with marks and numbers above is just right for you, you have to make a purchase according to the device you are using, your personal need, etc.

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