How Good Can BlitzWolf Lightning USB Cable Be?


Undoubtedly all head-titles and spotlights this week have been pointed at new Apple MFI Certified Lightning Cable from BlitzWolf, the company which just returned to our sight after one-month diving. Presumably, this could be another BlitzWolf masterpiece subsequent to successful charger, selfie stick and jump starter, but how it turns out?
apple MFI certified Lightning Cable
Full compatibility
When other vendors are still replicating or copying so-called original Apple USB cable, BlitzWolf Lightning USB Cable has already showed up as one of Apple’s official and certified lightning cable, which means it is fully compatible with iPhone 5/6 series, satisfying the need of complete charge and data sync.
apple MFI certified Lightning Cable
Top-end structure
Instead of simple wire+rubber structure, BlitzWolf Lightning Cable offers 5-layer inner structure including separated 30 AWG data wire, 24 AWG power wire, aluminum foil shielding, tinned copper mesh and TPE jacket, giving decent hardness and reliability without loosing security protection.
apple MFI certified Lightning Cable
1m length, 2000+ lifespan
You can easily find out any USB cable with 40 or 50cm length, but 1m is already an astronomical figure which more than enough for any uses. Likewise, perhaps you don’t have any notion about 2000 plus lifespan, but it is figure two times more than normal cables.
apple MFI certified Lightning Cable
18-month warranty
Probably you are thinking BlitzWolf USB Cable way too arrogant, but aforementioned features are exactly where such a confidence derive from. How long 18 months lasts? It is enough for Apple to develop two maybe three generations iPhone smartphone.
apple MFI certified Lightning Cable
In short, even making a comparison in the aspect of retail price, Apple MFI USB Cable takes the lead by reasonable $7.99, just $1 or $2 higher. Is it as good as you expect?

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