ROMOSS Sense 6 Power Bank Teardown

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As an essential component of any single power bank, battery cell, will directly influence one’s security performance, stability and conversion rate. For that reason, we will make a ROMOSS Sense 6 Teardown to see how sophisticated the internal battery cell and craftsmanship are!
ROMOSS Sense 6 Power Bank
Similar to previous Sense 4, it is tricky to take apart ROMOSS Sense 6 Power Bank 20000mAH due to ultrasonic sealing technology, when we made it, we found eight 18650 battery cells and each one contains 2500mAh capacity, what an effort from ROMOSS!
ROMOSS Sense 6 Power Bank
Like some ROMOSS Sense 6 Power Bank Review once mentioned, it has outperformed than other power bank as most of others adopts 18650 battery with 2000mAh capacity each cell, it is a little bit cost-effective economically but security and conversion rate are not ideal.
ROMOSS Sense 6 Power Bank
Exactly as I mentioned above, junctions between battery cells are solid and sturdy so that you really need to make some effort to take them apart. It is not so much inconvenience as the symbol of better protection and premium technology, which is outstanding against accidental damages.
ROMOSS Sense 6 Power Bank
Apart from qualified battery cell and internal design, we also found a set of brand new intelligent chipset with multi-layer safety protection, including over-current protection, over-discharge protection, over-voltage protection, short-circuit protection, etc. Wonder it deserve a $28.99 ROMOSS Sense 6 Price.
ROMOSS Sense 6 Power Bank
In short, it is not hard to tell from ROMOSS Sense 6 Review above that it is designed in compliance with people’s special charging require, such a large capacity is abundant, conversion rate is high, up to 90% above but it is slightly inconvenient to take it along. What’s your idea?

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