Lenuo CL-23 Car Bracket Holder Review

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I am a driver troubled in the use of mobile phone in the car. As busy as I am, it is hard to get rid of some calls or messages. And this problem cannot be solved until I encounter Lenuo CL-23 Car Bracket Holder, which brings me convenient, comfortable and safe driving.Lenuo CL-23 Car Bracket Holder

Is Lenuo CL-23 Car Holder so perfect? The answer is yes. It is made by ABS plastic environment-friendly material, which is so durable that effectively prolongs the life. Besides, coming with compact size, the holder just occupies small space and won’t keep out my line of sight. Also, equipped with multi-angle rotation, the holder can be placed horizontally or vertically, hence, I can freely adjust it to cater for my need. Lenuo CL-23 Car Bracket Holder

Better still, Lenuo CL-23 Car Holder provides easy and flexible operation. With oil pressure, the holder supports double bounce off effect. And the back adopts silicone antiskid cushion, this wonderful design is helpful to prevent the phone from dropping. In the middle of the holder, there is a reinforced anti-seismic screw making my phone steady.
Lenuo CL-23 Car Bracket Holder
What made me satisfied most is that Lenuo CL-23 Car Holder supports an extendable clip arm, which can be adjusted from 45mm to 102mm. Naturally, it is perfectly compatible with 3.5- 6.5 inch mobile phone and GPS navigator. In fact, in addition to be used in the car, the holder can be made good use of in any flat surface, offering multiple use.
Lenuo CL-23 Car Bracket Holder
Generally speaking, Lenuo CL-23 Car Bracket Holder is of course my ideal tool that brings me convenience, safe driving as well as great enjoyment. If you are in need of a car holder, I would strongly recommend it.

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