What Can You Do With Aminy M800 Headphone?

Headphone & Earphone

Since Huawei released wireless earphone in hanging design, similar products coming from domestic China has overflown throughout the market. It is slightly offensive to use the word “copy” as some of them genuinely is special and practical, like Aminy M800 Headphone.
Aminy M800 Headphone
Basic spec
Bluetooth:?V4.0, Hands?Free/Headset
Size:?47*18*10?mm, 8 grams
Aminy M800 Headphone
How capable?
1. Simple hook design with soft ear bud gives comfortable wearing feeling.
2. It is fully compatible with most Android and iOS device, as well as Bluetooth electronic device.
3. You are free to connect it to two different devices at the same time.
4. It is compact and elegant, with low radiation and battery consumption.
Aminy M800 Headphone
How M800 change your life?
Aminy M800 Bluetooth Headphone is not everything, but daily life will be way more convenient and easy as you can do something below.
1. Free you hand and do whatever you want when making phone call.
2. Easily achieve cycling, cooking, working or anything simultaneously.
3. Picking up incoming call without influencing safe driving.
4. Get rid off annoying wire earphone when listening to music.
5. Improve working efficiency, especially on conference.
6. Good for pregnant woman to avoid unnecessary radiation from display screen.

In short, probably you couldn’t asked something which costs just $9.13 retail price for more. Presumably, it ought to be the best substitute if you can’t afford the critical Huawei Talkband.

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