PISEN QC2.0 Fast Charger, Fast But Safe


What’s your solution against endless charging for your smartphone, particularly those high-consumed device? Spare more batteries? Carry-on power bank? In this era which time values a lot, PISEN QC2.0 Fast Charger and only PISEN QC2.0 Fast Charger is optimum.
PISEN QC2.0 Fast Charger
What’s QC2.0 So Special?
QC2.0 technology that carried by PISEN QC2.0 Charger is developed by US Qualcomm Corp, the company which is famous by offering powerful smartphone processor.

Dissimilar to conventional fast charger, QC2.0 is able to achieve fast charging by increasing charging voltage and stabilizing current simultaneously, in other words, charging will be shortened substantially without loosing necessary safety.

With PISEN QC2.0 Charger, you can do:
1. Charge 60% of smartphone capacity in 30 minutes
2. Save valuable time on charging and no longer keep waiting
3. Not be restricted by annoying battery deficiency, especially when it is urgent
4. Get rid of power bank or replacement battery, which is redundant and unnecessary
5. Develop good charging behavior
6. Not be haunted with charging accident all the time

I Don’t Have QC2.0 Smartphone
If so, then PISEN QC2.0 Fast Charger more should be your optional charger, because of high compatibility and outstanding charging protection. It is compatible with most Android, iOS, tablet, digital camera and other electronic devices perfectly, even though not supporting QC2.0.

Exactly as qualified workmanship and professional charging protection, which is essential especially in hot summer days, charging will be more safer and stabler, is it what you expect from a tiny charger?


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