Xiaomi Colorful Earphone Frequently Asked Questions

Headphone & Earphone

Don’t deny that you are not impressed by a mesmerizing exterior of Xiaomi Colorful Earphone, particularly three dazzling colors with lovely collocation, but before that, are you sure it is just right for you or for your smartphone?
Xiaomi Colorful Earphone
Q: Will Xiaomi Colour Earphone suitable for man?
A: Sounds a little bit awkward, but Xiaomi deny that the Colorful series earphone is designed for girls and young ladies only! In other words, there is no rules man can’t use it, it is just a matter of preference.
Xiaomi Colorful Earphone
Q: Is there a built-in microphone?
A: Yes, it is. It has a built-in microphone function, it is perfectly compatible with Xiaomi and main Android smartphone achieving volume adjustment, play/pause, pick up/hang up phone calls.
Xiaomi Colorful Earphone
Q: I’m iPhone user, will it suitable for my smartphone?
A: Yes, it is compatible with iPhone smartphone as well. With Xiaomi Colorful In-ear Earphone, you can easily access to functions like play and pause, pick up and hang up incoming phone calls, but without volume adjustment.
Xiaomi Colorful Earphone
Q: Does it compatible with any Xiaomi smartphone?
A: Yes, it is compatible with any Xiaomi smartphone, including older 1s, 2s, Redmi 1, Redmi Note, not to mention the new stuff.
Xiaomi Colorful Earphone
Q: How’s the delivery?
A: It depends! Under normal circumstance, standard shipping takes about 7-20 days, or you can choose priority direct mail or EMS, which is faster. Xiaomi Colorful Earphone is preorder currently, so, no parcel will be shipped out until it is stocked.
Xiaomi Colorful Earphone
Xiaomi Colorful In-ear Earphone appears to be an interesting buy in light of such a delicate outlook, more important, it costs just $16.69 now.

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