ASUS Kicks Off Zen Power 10050mAh Power Bank

Power Bank

Yes, ASUS is doing power bank NOW! Just a couple of minutes ago, I was told that ASUS is releasing a brand new ASUS Zen Power 10050mAh Power Bank! Let’s have a look.
ASUS Zen Power 10050mAh Power Bank
Business card size
Surely a compact size will seize your attention the most. It comes with exquisite size, small like business card, weight is just 215 grams, even way smaller than Xiaomi. Along with metallic fuselage, anti-oxidation coating and succinct design, it fits you perfectly.
ASUS Zen Power 10050mAh Power Bank
10050mAh capacity
The capacity appears to be weird, (perhaps not a round figure), however, experiment figure from ASUS lab declared that it is able to charge Zenfone 5 three times, Zenfone 6 and Zenfone 2 twice, Nexus 7 more than once. Meanwhile, it is compatible with most Android, iOS, tablet and other electronic device perfectly.
ASUS Zen Power 10050mAh Power Bank
2.4A output
In today’s standard, if 2A output is infrequent, then 2.4A probably will make you sit up and take notice. It supports output current up to 2.4A, in other words, charging speed will be improved substantially, while charging time will be shortened a lot.

PowerSafe technology
As it states, the adoption of PowerSafe technology keeps charging accidents far away by administrating temperature fluctuation all the time. Besides, it can always detect and adjust the best output and input voltage, current and other condition in order to achieve higher charging efficiency.
ASUS Zen Power 10050mAh Power Bank
5000 uses, 11 protections
ASUS Zen Power Bank 10050mAh is able to be used over and over again up to 5000 times. On the other hand, you can rest assured to take a fully advantage of as it is coming with 11 protections.

Of course, ASUS Zen Power 10050mAh Power Bank is just preorder currently, but coming with a reasonable $20.99 retail price.

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