GEAK II Pro Smart Watch Review

Smart Watch

Since Apple and Motorola launched Apple Watch and Moto 360 respectively, smart watch has obviously became a prime battle field in this year and in future. Following this mainstream, Geak launched GEAK II Pro Smart Watch, a masterpiece that has just landed here at Banggood recently.
GEAK II Pro Smart Watch
Genuine Watch
It suddenly remind me of honorable Panerai watch, elegant brown leather strap, classic clasp, round dial, stainless steel body with polished coating as well as exquisite stem. Superficially, GEAK II Pro Watch is nothing different to those famous watch in display window of entity.
GEAK II Pro Smart Watch
10 Changeable Dials
Yes, not one or two but totally 10 changeable dials to be offered, including classic, creative, modern, mechanic, smooth, night mode, etc, giving user interactive and distinctive user experience. What’s more, it is effortless to initiate different user interface by one simple control, just easy and convenient.
GEAK II Pro Smart Watch
Apart from playing a role as a clock, you can actually expect something modern and sophisticated from GEAK II Pro Smart Watch.
1. Sleep monitoring. Detects shallow and deep sleeping time, sleeping circuit and shows sleeping quality directly.
2. Intelligent alert. Like any single alarm, it keeps you alert by vibration, which can be used as clock, sedentary reminder and so on.
3. Pedometer. Walking or exercising distance, time, steps and calorie consumption will be captured easily.
4. Selfie. Remote control selfie.
5. Social entertainment. As a message, Facebook, Tweeter notifier.
6. Hands-free phone call.
GEAK II Pro Smart Watch
Wearing experience
Apart from lighter weight, GEAK II Pro Watch has nothing different to those traditional watch with superb wearing feeling. It gives solid but smooth experience, not even without tiny scratch. Besides, it is pretty comfortable to be fair, either too tight or too loose as you can adjust the strap accordingly, which is good for people with bigger or smaller hands.

In short, it is slightly unattainable as promotion edition GEAK II Pro Watch costs $650, while standard edition is $470, but it will be worthy buy if you want to experience a real smart watch.

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