iPhone 6 Plus Aluminum Alloy Bumper Frame Case For $3

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Still assembling iPhone 6 Plus with rubber case? Or ugly leather case or something exaggerated? Come on, man, they don’t deserve that! Alternatively, Aluminum Alloy Bumper Frame Case is just right for the part!
Aluminum Alloy Bumper Frame Case
Originality, in a way, is the byword for superb compatibility. Exactly as 1:1 craftswork and engineering, you seldom find a flaw or tiny spot when assembly, not to mention a small gap.

As a decent protector, Aluminum Alloy Bumper Frame Case is actually doing a good job. Aluminum alloy, the metal protection, can effectively keep the smartphone safe from scratch, bump, falling and dropping. Meanwhile, along with embedded soft protection, it never hurts the phone itself, even when put it on or take it off frequently.

Why bumper frame case is advantageous? One aspect is conspicuous, it is exquisite and ultra-thin so that convenient control and first-class holding feeling will never be the sacrifice, in other words, you will feel like no barricade when taking a fully advantage of.

Furthermore, even though it keeps the phone tightly, camera function, volume and power button, micro USB are fully functional, not even unplugging a cover or something like other functional protective case. Of course, we all know that iPhone 6 Plus symbolizes exquisiteness and elegance, surely a streamlined body with polishing process in colorful coating is able to cater to your need perfectly, is it?

Last but not least, if what aforementioned are not convincing enough, why not take a look at $3.25 retail price?

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