EARSON Mammoth Waterproof Speaker Is Making Discount


Leaked out! Banggood is planning EARSON ER-160 Mammoth Bluetooth Speaker at 15% off retail price!
EARSON ER-160 Speaker
Following a strongly fierce outdoor speaker competition, even the latest EARSON ER-160 Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker, which is well-known as a successor of best-selling first generation EARSON speaker, has to made a compromise in price section.

It is been said that EARSON ER-160 Speaker will be available at 15% off retail price, approximately $32 USD from 8 June to 31th July, which is literally a two-months duration!

Of course, rather than giving discount away by cutting the price directly, this time is different, discount will be offered to potential consumer who added coupon code “Earson16” to the order when making an order. Likewise, the validity of coupon code lasts for two months.

As an upgraded version, EARSON ER-160 Mammoth Waterproof Speaker has inherited a sturdy fuselage and decent waterproof protection, along with a special hook design. It gives larger 1500mAh battery, improved audio optimization and better consistency, even with scrape-proof, therefore, it will be an ideal speaker for any outdoor activity.

In short, Banggood said 15% off sales campaign is just a start, more discount and material supply regarding to this outdoor “defender” will come very soon.

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