$7.99 CRERCO Car Charger, Is That True?

Charger, iPhone 6&6s

It is been said that 50% off CRERCO Car Charger is coming here at  Banggood next week, at stunning $7.99 retail price.
CRERCO Car Charger
Earlier this morning, I was told that the E-commence magnate Banggood is releasing a special sales campaign designed for CRERCO Thor T1 Car Charger next week. Besides, some unknown media even said it will come at a stunningly tempting 7.99USD retail price, which is literally 50% off compare with original cost.
CRERCO Car Charger
Though we still have no feedback from Banggood regarding authenticity of sales promotion but it appears that Banggood is preparing considerably stock now and ready for this flash deal!

The breaking news this morning also mentioned that there will be no quantity limit from top to bottom, and it may start from next Monday, which is on 8th, June. However, we have no further info about how long this will going to last, perhaps a week or so we reckon.
CRERCO Car Charger
Nevertheless, CRERCO Car Charger should be a worthy wait though such a favorable discount is not available yet, it is the only one which balanced stylish exterior, useful functions and terrific safety protection together.

It gives first-class craftsmanship and lovely feeling of touch, moreover, coming with twin 4.8A fast charging port, it is fully able to feed up any kind of portable devices including smartphone, MP4, digital camera, tablet.
CRERCO Car Charger
Taken as a whole, if CRERCO Thor T1 Car Charger is actually coming at $7.99 retail price as exposure, surely it can’t be a more super deal for your car.

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