What Did Q5 Wireless Charger Pad Changed?


You must thinking Q5 Wireless Charger nothing distinctive apart from giving wireless charging service, without a doubt, it has been revolutionized the way we charge, leading a new era, but the chain reaction hiding behind is way more conspicuous, for instance, the living style.
Q5 Wireless Charger
Develop new charging habit. Once your smartphone is out of battery, your first reaction should be putting the phone on indicator area of wireless charger rather than finding out a cable charger, that’s an improvement.

Get rid of chargers and cables. Instead of distinguishing and pairing the specific charger or cable for the device, simply just “land” the device on the pad, that will be enough.
Q5 Wireless Charger Pad
Release your luggage. Likewise, fewer chargers and cables means lighter luggage, which is good for student, white collar, business man and traveler.
Q5 Wireless Charger Pad
Show off the phone. If you have a great smartphone like Samsung Galaxy S6, here is the way to show off the gear.

Add a mini monitor. By the time when the phone lying on Q5 Wireless Charger Pad, it is actually playing a role as mini monitor, why not? To keep you notified when there is incoming calls, emails or message, just in case of missing anything urgent.
Q5 Wireless Charger Pad
Perhaps you haven’t realize yet, Q5 Wireless Charger Pad is actually changing not only the charging performance and efficiency but also the daily life we live every single day.

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