Review Of BlitzWolf 40W 5-Port Desktop Charger


Within a week, an entire sales of BlitzWolf 40W 5-Port Desktop Charger  has suddenly skyrocketed up, more than 500 units has been ordered, what’s happening? Let’s have a look at how user gave their evaluation.

From user Loganizom: “The postman just delivered parcel to me, and it was pretty surprising that it came so quickly, within 12 days. That charger is awesome, nice housing, nice appearance, very neat cable and true performance.”
BlitzWolf 40W 5-Port Desktop Charger
He also mentioned that: “It chargers my iPad Air 2 with full 10,4W (measured). It is worth every dollar that I sold for that. I catched the pre-order sale, and I have paid bit less than today’s price. I’m very satisfied with that BlitzWolf charger.”

Another user Green Silver also said “This is much better than my other 5 port USB charger. It’s very well built and looks tidy on my desk, it has freed up so much space with my 240 volt gang plus as I don’t need multiple different USB chargers now.”

“Delivery to the UK from order date was 15 days including weekends, so a pretty fast delivery time.”

BlitzWolf 40W 5-Port Desktop Charger
The other guy Rene9 even posted more pics about his BlitzWolf 40W 5-Port Desktop Charger: “I got a couple of chargers in the past but this one is a nice version. It’s well build and also the rubber underneath is very nice so it doesn’t slide off the table.”
BlitzWolf 40W 5-Port Desktop Charger
“Also the EU plug is good, you don’t need some EU->US addition. I used a machine to check the device and every port is giving the same amount of Ampère. For this money a nice product.”
BlitzWolf 40W 5-Port Desktop Charger
The masses have the sharp eyes! Six out of six consumer who made of purchase of BlitzWolf 40W 5-Port Desktop Charger gave 5-stars review without further hesitation, seeing is believing!

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