BlitzWolf GV18S Smart Watch Review


Why 4395 consumers are crazy about BlitzWolf GV18S Smart Watch? My answer is, if I may, why not taking people’s experience into consideration? The masses have the sharp eyes!

BlitzWolf GV18S Smart Watch 
BlitzWolf GV18S Smart Watch 
Instead of foam package, which is ugly and undignified, you can expect a well-packed carton package coming with the smart watch.
BlitzWolf GV18S Smart Watch 
Like Banggood described, charger, USB kits, instructions and necessary accessories are available.

Wearing experience
BlitzWolf GV18S Smart Watch 
As you can see, GV18S fits the wrist perfectly, light and comfortable, without any tiny scratch or causing sensitivity.


BlitzWolf GV18S Smart Watch 
It is unrealistic to expect something sophisticated like Apple Watch, but what can you make use of here onto BlitzWolf GV18S Smart Watch is every single functional apps and gadgets, exactly as the AD.
BlitzWolf GV18S Smart Watch 

About data recording
You can’t argue motion tracking a bad thing as you will know how many steps, distance or calorie consumption you’ve been everyday, which is scientific, but it is inadvisable to take it when taking shower as it is too sensitive to cause inaccurate data recording.

Likewise, similar case also happens when experiencing sleep monitor. Everything is impressive and useful, but just don’t put it alongside the bed when you wanted sleep monitor.

Taken as a whole, if you are wondering affordable smart watch with something useful, seriously, BlitzWolf GV18S Smart Watch is just right for the part. Mind you, all reviews aforementioned is actually a quote from user “Ipalffy”, which is authorized by Banggood officially.

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