36% Off DZO9 Smartwatch Sales Promotion Is In Progress

Smart Watch

If you eager to experience crystallization of modern technology– smart watch phone but unwilling to take an expensive Apple Watch or tolerate endless waiting, Banggood can simplify all of these for you as $47.99 DZ09 Smartwatch is available now.
DZ09 Smartwatch
DZ09 Watch is ambitious, at least it has a general resemblance with mirror discrepancy to Apple’s product. Flat 1.56-inch display, metallic fuselage in silver coating, exquisite Home button and prime camera, seems that it is original but elegant, distinctive and acceptable.

You are must thinking 36% off DZ09 1.56Inch Smartwatch must be a typical Chinese gimmick or fraudulence, hold on, you genuinely can expect functions below:
DZ09 Smartwatch
Pedometer: You can keep an eye on exercising steps, distance, fat, calorie consumption as will, even for normal daily use.

Sleep monitor: Sleeping shallowness and depth, sleeping time, sleeping circuit are all under your control, which is beneficial to develop a health behavior.

Incoming call sync: Once there is an incoming call, it can be synchronized to DZ09 Watch directly, which means hands-free phone call is available easily, what an essential function for safe driving.

Camera: 2MP camera sounds normal, but for a smart watch, it is awesome and enough to capture anything you want Mind you, you can’t expect it on Apple Watch!
DZ09 Smartwatch
Sedentary reminder: Your health assistant will always remind you of taking a break after long-term working in office, just avoid sub-health condition.

Apart from prime features above, music playing, clock, voice and video recording, calendar, contacts, anti-loss function are easily to access to.

Bear in mind, such a cost-effective DZ09 Smartwatch is way more functional, compatible and coming with longer 180 hours standby time, it is the one not to be missed.

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