6 Port USB Charger User Feedback


Why consumer are crazy about 5V 6A 30W 6 Port USB Charger? On one hand, there is no denying that $9.99USD price is an undeniable factor to influence one’s choice. More importantly, the benefit and convenience derive from the charger itself genuinely is tempting. So, have all the customers enjoyed a great experience?6 Port USB Charger

From user “Julian”: A handy piece of kit
Now I can charge up to six items from just one electrical outlet. My only criticism is it would have been nice if a cradle was supplied to mount the charger some where.

From user “loerki”: not powerful enough
Like to some other clients, it is not powerful enough to charge all six possible items
6 Port USB Charger1
From user “Madlukus”: Product recommendation
The USB interface of the product is solid and single function. Scheduler is not fast, but in the declaration time. The cable is good quality, I really recommend.6 Port USB Charger6

Top tips: Why a bulk of consumer complaining about useless 6-ports fully? Why others didn’t? In consideration of different electricity voltage and current in different countries or regions, 5V 6A 30W USB Charger may fail to reach peak working performance, only in specific charging condition. However, it obviously is not an universal phenomenon.
6 Port USB Charger4
Nevertheless, facts speaks louder than words, among 18 consumers who left comment on the product page, 13 gave five-stars comment whilst 3 gave four-stars, hence, in the light of proportion, should 6 Port USB Charger worth recommending? I reckon it is.

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