Different Car Smartphone Holder, One Simple Installation

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Though car smartphone holder is slightly complicated and coming with scattered parts, but you can access to smartphone easily without interrupting safe driving eye-line, besides, the whole installation is easy.

Car Windshield Dashboard HolderCarWindshield Dashboard Holder Mount Stand For iPad iPhone 6

1.Install the big clamp to swivel, adjust the best angle you want and screw down properly.
2. Wet the suction cup (if necessary), put it on flat or polish surface, push the switch on the stand section from left to right, an entire holder is assembled tightly.
3. Assemble your smartphone to the holder tightly.

Car CD Slot Mobile Cups Holder
Universal Car CD Slot Mount Mobile Cups Holder Stand For iPhone
Like the one above, this cups holder has a general resemblance with mirror difference in the aspect of installation, it is more easier.
1. Plug cup holder part into the swivel, then adjust the angle and screw down.
2. Insert the whole holder into car’s air condition vent and stabilize the platform.
3. Open the “mouth” of cup section and put the phone inside properly.

360 Car Dashboard Mount Holder
360 Angle Car Dashboard Mount Holder Stand Cradle For iPhone
Unlike the installation above, 360 Car Dashboard Mount Holder  has more adjustable stands and sections, which is slightly complicated.
1. Assemble the main stand to cup section, inside the oblate slot.
2. Connect the clamp to the end of main stand by plugging into the swivel and screwing down.
3. Wet the suction cup and fasten the whole holder to anything flat or polish.
4. Adjust the length and angle through adjusting screw tightness
5. Hold the smartphone tightly into the clamp.

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