Review Of Charger Cable, Maintenance Makes Perfect

iPhone 6 Plus&6s plus

Perhaps charger cable is undoubtedly the most inconspicuous smartphone accessory among any others, maybe it is less important in contrast to protective case, portable power bank or something, however, as an indispensable stuff that we take advantage frequently, the responsibility of keeping it well and brand new is always required, hence, it is free to take suggestions and tips below.
8Pin Data Sync Charger USB Cable For iPhone iPad
Most of consumers order charge cable on Internet, unseal the parcel, discard the instruction and apply it to our smartphone directly, however, it is inadvisable apparently. On the contrary, having a closer look at instruction and notice is always the first thing to do before taking an advantage. Only when having a deep recognition on the charger cable can you avoid damage caused by misoperation.
8Pin Data Sync Charger USB Cable For iPhone iPad
Secondary, most charger cable like 8Pin Data Sync Charger Cable is coming with two USB interchanges, one is for personal computer usage and the other one is for smartphone only. At this point, you have to keep an eye on stitches on the port carefully as they are coming with completely different specification. You have to distinguish each of them before plugging in interchange.Mind you, all stitches are super-fine and delicate, one unconscious mistake may ruin the cable charger.
1.5M Metal 8Pin Data Sync Charger USB Cable For iPhone iPad
Moreover, apart from correct using method, keep it away from moisture and dust is always necessary. We all acknowledge that stitches belongs to metal product, naturally, it is extremely easy to oxidate with water and dust. If you have inappropriate maintenance, moisture can directly break the defense and cause damage without a doubt, in other words, charging performance or data synchronization pace will be slowed down gradually.

Last but not least, most user has misunderstanding that flexible and durable cable like 1.5M 8Pin Sync Charger Cable is able to roll up or bend arbitrarily, in fact, that’s wrong. Any charger cable is made from plastic and aluminum foil shielding layer, which can’t barely long-term bending at all. Without all questions, it will shorten its lifespan if you keep rolling it.

In short, with tips and suggestions above, there is possibility to maintain your charger cable brand new and usable forever.

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  • Cables seems to be more attractive, would you advise us on the below points

    1. Iphone cables are MFI approved
    2. Do you even have a Type C Cables and Micro USB cables

    Finally advise us with the price, as we are looking for huge quantity.

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