Without Maintenance, Even The Toughest Waterproof Speaker Can Not “Survive”


Why Waterproof Shockproof Bluetooth Speaker is the only option consumer make a purchase? Why is it booming rapidly? Without a doubt, waterproof, dustproof and shorckproof are the center of all attentions, in other words, it is totally question-less to leave it alone arbitrarily. However, all-around protection doesn’t mean absolute safety, without proper maintenance, it will never be with you forever.
Mini Waterproof Wireless Bluetooth Speaker For iPad iPhone 6 6+
First and foremost, everything has its Achill’s heel, even a solid mini stereo will not be an exceptional. Most Bluetooth speaker are made of strengthened plastic or thin metal, hence, avoid direct sunlight is always rule number one. Besides, it is not suggest to put anything heavy on it, just in case of shape change. In addition, an environmental temperature between 18-45 degrees Celsius is an optimum working condition for any mini stereo because low temperature will affect flexibility of electron tube while high temperature may deteriorate component part.

Subsequent to basic methods to keep it well, a right steps to power on or power off is crucial as well. If you come across mini stereo with simple amplifier, it is advisable to shut down amplifier section before power off because massive electric wave will result in damage directly. In addition, voice output volume should be adjusted to minimum every time when power on, for prevent instant high volume from ruining the device.
Waterproof Shockproof Bluetooth Speaker For iPhone 6 Smartphone
Last but not least, without the support of professionalism, don’t casually disassemble any mini stereo even though it comes with simple framework or structure like Mini Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker, it may put damage to any further strain, one unconscious movement may even destroy an entire device completely. Instead, sent it back to exclusive factory will be the only wise option.

On the other hand, preheat is important especially in freaking cold days. Only when preheat the device for 10 minutes every time before you use can it offer you clear, pure and flawless voice output in return, which is a win win situation.

In short, even an extraordinary mini stereo with enjoyable user experience can not last for long without proper maintenance.

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