Are You Ready For Liberal And Unrestrained Selfie Enjoyment?


Seems that large screen smartphone and free selfie are always a contradiction, just like you can’t have your cake and eat it as well. Even for people who has large hands, a golden ratio 5-inch screen smartphone is already too large to handle properly in one hand, not to mention all the ladies who take a fancy to selfie a lot. Fortunately, all the embarrassment will be released with Bluetooth Selfie Stick Monopod.
Handheld Bluetooth Selfie Stick Monopod Extendable For iPhone
There is no suspense that limited and narrow shooting angle will be the past of history while liberal selfie “visual field” will be a dominance, because of extendable stick. Simply just holding this innovative Bluetooth selfie stick in hand, which can be stretched out and drew back as you wish, will allow broader selfie perspective easily. Accompany with this infinity shooting angle, you can capture any beautiful scenery or view as background of selfie, you still can commit any selfie in any different angle effortlessly, not to mention normal group selfie.
Handheld Bluetooth Selfie Stick Monopod Extendable For iPhone
Not just free to make a selfie, the Handheld Bluetooth Selfie Stick itself is already a magical selfie machine that easy to control. A rotatable smartphone holder on the tip can be adjusted in an optimum tightness in accordance with your device, just fasten the device tightly, a 360 degree zero blind spot shooting angle will be alongside you easily. Instead of cable, the stick is under your control via Bluetooth connection. What you need to do is nothing but build up a bridge via Bluetooth before taking a selfie, then press the buttons on the stick to make focus automatically and adjust the best shooting angle, an optimum shooting condition will be presented in a convenient way.
Handheld Bluetooth Selfie Stick Monopod Extendable For iPhone
Mind you, such a practical selfie stick is light, small and can draw back easily, in other words, it is liberal for you to take it along when taking outdoor activity, traveling or even camping, authentic and free selfie enjoyment will be happened so easily.

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