Staggering And Practical VID 3D Motion Controller


Seems that we have no idea to where 3D technology can be applied to throughout our daily life apart from 3D movies and 3D printing that we get well-familiar with. However, such an embarrassed dilemma will be reversed as long as sparing VID 3D Motion Controller in my kind of view.
VID 3D Motion Controller Mouse Gesture Motion Control For PC
Of course, our first reaction towards 3D technology must be novel, amazing and stunning enjoyment, hence, VID 3D Motion Controller is now a natural game playing platform. It is liberal to connect it to your PC and activate air or touch mode, a displaying area stem from the device is available for you to take advantage fully. When playing Fruit Ninja, Subway surfer and music catch, surely you can enjoy an amazing game time by authentic hands-free operation only. I deem that even adult will be captured deeply, not to mention children.
VID 3D Motion Controller Mouse Gesture Motion Control For PC
Mind you, don’t simply just conceive 3D technology amusing the play with only, as a matter of fact, it is practical throughout our work. With VID 3D Motion Controller holding in your hand, it will be the best assistant when making presentation or attending conference, why? A magical 3D display effect can show you the graphic, data and images in an intuitive way, which is impressed and more understandable for most participants.
VID 3D Motion Controller Mouse Gesture Motion Control For PC
Moreover, such a marvelous 3D technology is a good news for people who majored in art subject. Freely can they make good use of superb drafting function to synchronize their creation to the computer easily. Simply just project the device to any surface and then you can start to compose anything as you wish, the device can “remember” all the steps you committed and “delivery” to the computer directly. It is more practical than a scanner.

On the other hand, you have your own freedom to enjoy real 3D theatrical movies with VID 3D Motion Controller, anything be displayed is three dimensional, legible and visual broadened. Hence, looks strange but 3D display effect and enjoyment happens just alongside us with the device above.

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