One Waterproof Speaker, Multiple Functions


Apparently, Waterproof Shockproof Bluetooth Speaker is no more than just a mini wireless Bluetooth speaker at first glance only. However, keep digging, you will realize that it can achieve more than your imagination.

An authentic adornment

Surprisingly, a friend of mine actually asked me where did I bought this beautiful ornament, he also declared that it remind him of something similar to authentic dumbbell. How interesting, after the explanation, he can’t believe it is a real mini speaker at all! Since then, even though it is not occupied, I always dispose it on my dinner table as the best decor.

A phone call maker
Mini Waterproof Wireless Bluetooth Speaker For iPad iPhone 6 6+
You are hearing right, waterproof speaker can now be a hands-free smartphone, Mini Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker is the best demonstration. Accompany with Bluetooth connection built successfully, when there is incoming call, the speaker will vibrate and draw your attention, simply just press the “Call” icon, you now can enjoy true hands-free phone call staggeringly.

A shower companion

If you keen for having a better relaxation when taking a bath or feeling lonely, believe it or not, a mini Bluetooth speaker can be your best fellow. “He” never afraid of water invasion because of superb waterproof competence, “he” can sing along your favor musics as you wish, “he” still can effectively kill a boring shower time even for 10 minutes showering. What a sincere “companion”!

A necessity of exercise and outdoor activity
Waterproof Shockproof Bluetooth Speaker For iPhone 6 Smartphone
Taking exercise alone or having outdoor activity is boring, exactly as your imagination, with the accompaniment of music, everything will be more interesting. Instead of cable earphone, a wireless waterproof speaker is now your best friend under this condition. It not simply just fearless of any weather condition but also guarantee lovely melodies surround wherever you go. What other words no other than “enjoyable” can describe that share of enjoyment completely?

Taken as a whole, as long as keep taking advantage of the above waterproof Bluetooth speaker, you will realize the true meaning of convenience and enjoyment.

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