Review Of Adjustable Hand Held Selfie Monopod Rod


Well, I have to admitted that I didn’t sure if Adjustable Hand Held Selfie Monopod Rod as good as its description showed on E-commence platform at the beginning, but narrow shooting angle and stability shortage caused by my big screen Samsung Galaxy S3 is always annoying especially when taking group selfie with my important friends, so why not have a shot I thought.

Before taking a fully advantage of this extendable “assistant”, the fast delivery speed has impressed me already. I ordered this stuff on around middle of November and received it at the end of the same month, from China to US, I conceive it much faster than I expected to be honest.
Adjustable Hand Held Selfie Monopod Rod For iPhone 6 6+ Cellphones
Now that what I concentrate the most is bound to be the selfie monopod rod itself, so I didn’t pay attention to the condition of the package, but in fact, it is pretty good I think. Simply just unsealed the parcel, the holder, stick and extendable section of Adjustable Hand Held Selfie Rod is in high-quality especially the adjustable part. The stain steel steel is dazzling, easy to stretch out and draw back without stuck. Although the color of the stick is slightly lighter than the description, that’s not the point at all.
Adjustable Hand Held Selfie Monopod Rod For iPhone 6 6+ Cellphones
Without further delay, I particularly assembled my S3 to the holder tightly. Without complicated operation and unnecessary step, the stick and my device are one, never will it easy to drop even turn the device upside down, that means the holder is very tight. Then I extended the stick to maximum to check how many people of group selfie is available. Well, obviously, 5 of my friends including me, totally 6 people is totally question-less, I reckon three more is question-less if I may.
Adjustable Hand Held Selfie Monopod Rod For iPhone 6 6+ Cellphones
In addition, stability shortage which influenced the quality of selfie is another problem that I focus a lot, fortunately, it is now settled permanently. It is way comfortable and easier to hold a cylindrical stick than a massive 4.8-inch screen cell phone when taking selfie. Besides, any shooting angle are all under my control, friends selfie, selfie with beautiful scenery is available wherever and whenever possible. Such an enjoyable selfie is what I keen for all along.

Overall, I didn’t expect Adjustable Hand Held Selfie Monopod Rod as extraordinary as I conceive but it did happened in real. Hence, if 5 stars is maximum, I will give it 4.8 stars without all questions.

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