3D VR Video Glasses, Take It And Explore Virtual World


Anyone who experienced 3D movies must indulged in staggering pleasures without stop, as a matter of fact, it is never too exhausted to “travel” into a virtual world all day long in my kind of personal view. Fortunately, accompany with the invention of 3D VR video glasses, nothing is impossible.
Head Mount Plastic 3D VR Virtual Reality Video Glasses For iPhone 6
As one of The 2014 Most Creative Technology Product, iPhone 6 3D VR Video Glasses can actually enable 3D display effect happens whenever you want without stepping into real theater. Basically, it is an aggregated glasses device that without additional assembly. Unlike most DIY cardboard glasses available among the market, simply just insert your large screen smartphone, fasten the device on your head through headband and adjust an optimum reading angle, you now can explore a virtual words as you wish.

Don’t underestimate its 3D display effect, in fact, it can be more stunning than you can expect. Thanks to double convex spherical structure, has ensured three dimensional display effect and superb comfortability. Combine to imported K9 optical lens, exhaust-less and immersive visual enjoyment must be incredibly enjoyable, which is outperform than flat surface 3D display effect we experienced in cinema.
Head Mount Plastic Version 3D VR Virtual Reality Video Glasses
Not just iPhone 6, exclusive iPhone 5 3D VR Video Glasses has now became available as well. Any iPhone 5 series users are liberal to make good use of this device when on coffee break, flying time on plane, taking long distance travel among any others. Mind you, simply just move your head from left to right when 3D movies is playing, widened 3D visual angle will sublimate display effect to new boundary, just feel like entering a real world. Of course, if you are innovative enough, any 3D games can be played in a completely different display angle, what a terrific 3D world it is!

Basically, 2D images, 3D videos and 3D games are available in an authentic 3D way as long as taking glasses above a fully advantage. Seems that 3D world is not far away from us, isn’t it? Grab your device and explore virtual world now!

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