3D Virtual World Can Be Handled In Your Hands


For the past few weeks, DIY cardboard 3D glasses is definitely the center of all attentions, it not simply just satisfy consumers’ curiosity towards 3D world but also enable immersive 3D display effect without stepping into cinema. Now, not only can you enjoy 3D visual impact, but also explore it by your own hands, as long as with VID 3D Motion Controller.
VID 3D Motion Controller Mouse Gesture Motion Control For PC
Like most device, simply apply motion software and connect to indicated device can you experience true hands-free operation. As a matter of fact, both air mode and touch mode are available. When playing 3D games, you just need to activate the controller and adjust an optimum angle of operating, any single movement or gesture you made within the range of displaying can be captured and transformed into solid operation on the software, which is in instant and accurate way. In other words, seldom will delay or obstacle interrupt smooth and true 3D hands-free operation. Such a terrific function will be a great “assistant” when making presentation on the conference.

Of course, you still can select touch mode for more convenient operation. This time, you can target the device to any solid surface like wall or desk, typing, drawing or any other movement be made on the surface will be marked down and recognized effortlessly. In addition, all traces, notes can be easily restore into digital information automatically, that means every single drafts be drew on real surface can be presented on the computer directly, how convenient it is for architecture and painter.
VID 3D Motion Controller Mouse Gesture Motion Control For PC
Accompany with VID 3D Motion Controller, more formulations, simulations, drafts, prototypes can be made without touching anything. In addition, it is no exaggeration to say even discard all Play Stations is question-less because it will be more enjoyable and real when playing exciting games. What a close communication between human and computer!

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