Nut 2 Bluetooth Tracking Tag, Outperform Than Tracker


Deeply inside our cognition, seems that authentic tracker happens only in James Bond style’s movie in order to acquiring confidential intelligence and positioning location, which is high-tech but mystery. Can you believe similar “tracker” can be applied throughout our daily life? It can! But unlike real tracker, it is Nut 2 Intelligent Bluetooth Alarm Patch.
Nut 2 Intelligent Bluetooth Anti-lost Tracking Tag Alarm Patch
Possess exactly the same exquisiteness like trackers we see in the film, Nut 2 Bluetooth Tracking Tag has granted itself additional aesthetic. Mainly painted in white, making the device less mystery and more elegant, seems that it has reversed our impression towards the word “tracker”. Ultra thin design, fruity fuselage and extreme small size, ensured that the device an optimum collocation even not playing a role as tracking device. Exactly as tiny size, freely can you attach Nut 2 to any of your crucial stuff or luggage like wallet, handbag or even carrier.
Nut 2 Intelligent Bluetooth Anti-lost Tracking Tag Alarm Patch
Nut 2 is not simply just a flashy vase, in fact, it is a much better than any tracker. Thanks to superb compatibility, it is liberal to apply it to any types of smartphone as long as Bluetooth 4.0 is available. In addition, you will give its two-way anti lost competence a big round of applause. Under connection, once the device is out of connecting range, in other words, it may lost, then Nut 2 will immediately make continuous noise to draw your attention. On the other hand, smartphone holding in your hand will alarm you the same condition simultaneously, what a clever design.
Nut 2 Intelligent Bluetooth Anti-lost Tracking Tag Alarm Patch
Moreover, another unique feature derive from Nut 2 Intelligent Bluetooth Alarm Patch is Internet search. What if you haven’t notice your stuff missing, never mind, as long as the patch is inside, it is liberal to initiate other users for help in cloud. When someone find out your belongings, location information will be gained instantly so that you can retrieve it at once. In a way, I reckon it is much better than simplex tracker.

Last but not least, it is effortless to handle six Nut 2 Bluetooth Tracking Tag in one smartphone, disputably you will feel all stuff much safer and unnecessary to be haunted with fear all day long.

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