How To Maintain Your Awei Earphone In A Correct Way?


As a crucial accessory, external cable earphone, has now be utilized widely throughout our daily life. Scarcely will we experience true convenience and authentic enjoyment when enjoying a musical album, making hands-free phone call and handling convenient operation without it. Now that it is essential, you’d better implement “obligation” to keep it well.

First and foremost, don’t take Awei ES-900i Headphone when sleeping. The whole cable of the earphone may stuck while the earphone may suffer damages caused by unconscious pressure.

After using the earphone, it is advisable to wipe it off from top to bottom in case of corrosion caused by sweat and oil, which may lead to failure after long time usage.
Awei ES-900i In-ear Headsets Stereo Sound Headphones For iPhone
Don’t smoke at the same time when putting the earphone on. The ashes may increase the potential of earphone itself suffering unnecessary damages. In addition, those tiny ashes will stick to the surface of the device and influencing earphone output quality in the course of time.

Besides, before plug in Awei ES-700I Earphone, you have to make sure the volume of smartphone is adjusted lower. If the output volume is over, not simply just your ear but headset voice coil will ruin instantly.

Away from moisture. Accessories as exquisite as earphone ought to be packed inseparable with moisture. The reason is simply, both built-in pad and component parts will rust, deteriorate and influence working normally.
Awei ES-700I Clear Bass Micro 3.5mm In-Ear Earphones For iPhone
Never try to disassemble Awei ES-900i Headphone by yourself as there is percentage up to 80% that never will it work continuously after reassembly.

Avoid using the earphone under extreme cold winter day. We all acknowledge all cables are rubber or plastic, which is brittle under cold circumstance.

It is forbid to warm Awei ES-700I Earphone up by heart because high temperature will only accelerate its ageing in contrast.
Awei ES-700I Clear Bass Micro 3.5mm In-Ear Earphones For iPhone
Keep the earphone away from chemical substance. No matter in the view of appearance or function, never will chemical stuff coordinate to your earphone friendly.

Taken as a whole, once decent consciousness is come into being gradually, combine to the principles above, it is liberal to make a fully advantage of your Awei earphone as long as you wish.

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