Let 3D World Happens As You Wish


Probably because of the reason that we get in touch a lot, 3D movies is exactly the window to open our horizon refer to a wonderful 3D world. However, more 3D technology inventions like 3D television, 3D card, 3D printing workmanship especially 3D video glasses has already permeated through our daily life.
Head Mount Plastic 3D VR Virtual Reality Video Glasses For iPhone 6
Revolutionized from DIY cardboard 3D glasses, obviously iPhone 6 3D VR Video Glasses is exquisite, enjoyable and more convenient to make good use of. Basically, such a delicate “portable cinema” is constructed by a few imported K9 optical lens, which is the guarantee of first class legibility and immersive display effect. Combine to double convex spherical structure, giving tremendous 3D displaying wider display angle and virtual visual impact additionally. By the way, simply just wear the headband according to different head’s size can you enjoy true hands-free watching experience.
Head Mount Plastic Version 3D VR Virtual Reality Video Glasses
If you are puzzled at its structure or how it work, never mind, you don’t have to figure it out to be honest, what you need to do is nothing but wear the headband, adjust the tightness, insert your iPhone smartphone and enjoy a 3D theatrical movie without stepping into real cinema, now you know how the nickname “portable cinema” comes! Disputably a wide angle, immersive reality and outstanding 3D display effect no matter from 2D images or actual 3D videos are more real than the one we enjoyed in theater. How stunning that sense of enjoyment? I reckon put it on a trail is the best explanation.
Head Mount Plastic Version 3D VR Virtual Reality Video Glasses
Accompany with such enjoyable experience as well as convenient usage, there is no suspense that iPhone 5 3D VR Video Glasses will bound to be a luggage inseparable with you wherever you go. You now have a novel entertainment to kill the boring time on waiting, traveling and having a private moment belongs to you only. It is predictable that it will be a hot stuff throughout your daily life.

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