Three Most Enjoyable Things You Can Do With Awei Earphone


You are squandering an extraordinary audio play function of your iPhone smartphone if you haven’t realize how perfect Awei headphone will be as player of all the euphonic melodies. Accompany with the below Awei earphones, even a normal music listening will be more enjoyable.
Awei ES-Q3 Super Bass In-ear Earphones Headphone For iPhone
Exactly as your imagination, any musical enjoyment stem from iPod, iPhone will be sublimated to an unprecedent enjoyable boundary only through Awei ES-Q3 Headphone, the reason is obvious — super Bass in-ear stereo and 106dB high sensitivity. Not simply just clear and barricade free experience, it still can restore every single rhythm and clinker derive from authentic musical instruments, guarantee any music to be performed as immersive as original. No wonder it will be the best earphone to enjoy music belongs to you only.
Awei ES-Q3 Super Bass In-ear Earphones Headphone For iPhone
Of course, even without activate music player, simply just stuff Awei ES-Q3 Headphone in ears can you embrace incredible silence as quiet as library, why? It is inseparable with strong amplifier and stress volume setting technology, which can isolate all the annoying noisy, murmer and harsh scream outside effectively. Naturally, it will be an optimum option to enjoy a peaceful moment when you are in crowd.
Awei ES-Q3i Super Bass In-ear Earphone With MIC Headset For iPhone
Apart from listening music in the most enjoyable way, it will be ideal to making liberal phone call through Awei ES-Q3i Earphone. Thanks to a full-HD directional microphone, making phone call truly hands-free from now on. Besides, a soft in-ear cushion design can maintain decent comfortability even though taking a long time phone call. More importantly, come with fabulous 116dB sensitivity as well as super Bass in-ear technology, a clear and noise-free communication will be guaranteed all the time, is it more exhaust-less and convenient than before?

Taken as a whole, don’t underestimate Awei earphone no more than just tiny accessory, as a matter of fact, it is no exaggeration to say it an initiation of gracious living.

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